Our History

In April 2001, was founded Expansion Import Export. In order to assist companies in Small and Medium Businesses in transactions relating to foreign trade (import / export / exchange), and this work developed so far by the best professionals, always trying to find the best solutions for each case presented.

One year after founding the company, were already participating in the domestic market as importers (We started our activities in this area, regardless of Diamond Tools). Our company was one of the FIRST DIAMOND TOOLS to import and distribute them widely throughout the country, after the market opening in 1994.
Through our imports, also brought a better technology for this segment in the domestic market. We LEADERS segment diamond wheel for a long time due to high quality and advanced technology, our imported products, which were recognized by our competitors because of this!

CURRENTLY our company continues to provide services in foreign trade, we held our imports of Diamond Tools and increment our company, increasing the imported items through the segment Hydraulic (Parts and Pieces), and by exporting various products to several countries.
Today export: cellophane, Parts & Vehicles and Parts, Shoes, Musical Instruments, Crafts, and more ...

How is a fundamental characteristic of our company, once again brought to our country, our aggregate new technologies imported products, and today this is done by the Water Conservation, negotiated directly with the largest national manufacturers of Taps and Records , known as market FACILITY OPEN / CLOSE 1 / 4 TURN

We know we're still in the early stages of our long journey and have much still to contribute to the search of a better country in the near future, but we use all the difficulties and hardships as incentives to achieve our goals!






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